How Howard L. Kaplan sees himself: as a guitar-playing frog
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by Howard L. Kaplan
This page was last updated August 2008

I currently have only one cassette for sale, and you can also download most of the songs as free .mp3s:

Eleven songs that I'm not planning to release on CD during the remainder of the second millennium (ITCFS001)

 The ex-arboureal porcupine blues download mp3
 Walking west on Barton Street download mp3
 The baking lesson
 From Dover to Calais
 Low density download mp3
 A note of thanks to Dr. Rees download mp3
 Slow loris (Nycticebus coucang) download mp3
 Talking nicotine blues download mp3
 Low flush download mp3
 Professor Barleycorn download mp3
 The mouse
These are mostly taken from the scientific, technical side of my repertoire.  Five of the songs include a chorus of my friends.  View the lyrics

Unfortunately, I have no more copies of this cassette for sale, but you can download all four songs as free .mp3s:

-- three-and-a-fraction scientifically respectable frog songs (ITCFS002)

 Nogies Creek download mp3
 The song of the túngara frog download mp3
 The buffalo, the beetle, the bouncing kangaroo, and the Bufo marinus cane toad download mp3
 The toads and the truck download mp3
Three of these are unambiguously frog songs, and a toad makes a cameo appearance in the one with the really long title.  View the lyrics

Realistic sound!

On these cassettes, you hear me as I really sounded in the late 1990s.  The recordings are very clear, lightly edited, and free of extraneous enhancements such as compression and electronic "presence".

I will claim to be a skilled songwriter, but I will not claim to be a professional singer or guitar player.  These songs are simply recorded, mostly voice and guitar, sometimes no guitar, sometimes a chorus on the longer cassette.  You may even hear a few mistakes in the playing or a drift in the pitch of the unaccompanied songs.  If you insist on precise, complex musicianship, then you will be disappointed with these cassettes .  On the other hand, if you insist on precise, complex, left-brain lyrics, then you will probably like these cassettes.

Order information

If you want to order a copy of "11 songs ...", send E-mail to and tell me what country you live in. I'll check the postal rates (which seem to change faster than I can sell this obsolete cassette) and get back to you. I can take cheques in U.S. or Canadian dollars but not PayPal or other credit card payments.

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